Hamilton Book Tag!

Welcome to another Tag Thursday!

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a massive, massive fan of Hamilton. Although it wasn’t the first ever musical I fell in love with — that title belongs to WickedHamilton was the show that truly opened up the magical world of musical theatre to me. And in honor of the upcoming Hamilfilm being released on Disney+ on July 3 (watch the trailer here), I am doing the Hamilton Book Tag!

This tag was started by Maureen over at YouTube, and I discovered it at The Bookish Beagle. As per usual, nobody tagged me, but I am a professional tag thief, and that’s no excuse for me not to do it. πŸ˜‚

As a side note, there are some spoilery questions in the tag. My answers will be marked for spoilers, and I’ve made sure to be especially careful with my headers for those questions.

But anyway, let’s get started. Be warned: there is going to be a lot of spontaneous screaming of Hamilton lyrics.

  1. “The Room Where It Happens” // A book world you would put yourself in
Header background & Hamilton logo from here & here.

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H. G. Parry. Because I can’t go one Tag Thursday post without mentioning this book in one way or another. I wanna be in the room where it happens, okay? I want to meet all of the different incarnations of Mr. Darcy and get creeped out by Internet predator Dorian Gray. I want to give Charley Sutherland a big warm hug and all the chocolate in the world. I want to breathe in the bookishness of this world.

  1. “The Schuyler Sisters” // An underrated female character


Oh, my answer? Attia from Blood and Sand. I don’t know if this is because Blood and Sand was so underhyped for the swoonworthy Ancient Roman gladiator story it is, but Attia doesn’t get anywhere enough love from the Internet. She will fight you for what she believes in, challenge the rules of the patriarchy, and immediately fall in love with a toddler the second you turn your back.

  1. “My Shot” // A character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them


Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

For this question, I’m going with a character from a recent read of mine: Daphne from American Royals. Daphne is an unstoppable force when it comes to her plans for marrying Prince Jefferson. She will gladly cheat, backstab, and manipulate you if it helps her achieve her goal.

  1. “Stay Alive” // A character you wish was still alive


Holland Vosijk. HOLLLANDDDDD. He deserved so, so, so much better from the world. All those people who made him believe that the only peace he could find was through death deserve to get trampled by Charles Lee.

What, you don’t think getting trampled by a guy who routinely says things like I’M A GENERAL — WHEEEEEEE is a terrible way to die?

  1. “Burn” // The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read


Arin and Kestrel at the end of The Winner’s Crime. I still haven’t gotten around to reading The Winner’s Kiss (I’M SORRY), but this one scene just completely broke my heart. The scene with the piano, and the dad was hiding in the other room, and Arin just — agh.

  1. “You’ll Be Back” // Sassiest villain

The Darkling from the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I have FEELINGS after finishing Ruin and Rising (review to come!). Sassy isn’t the best word to describe the Darkling, but let’s say it counts. Every single one of his and Alina’s interactions is sizzling with potential. The way he takes advantage of Alina’s vulnerability and tries to seduce her (!!) was so shameless and chills-inducing.

  1. “The Reynolds Pamphlet” // A book with a twist you didn’t see coming

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. By the end of this book, my mental state was in shambles. I mean, how many times can two authors blow your mind?

Many, many times, this book taught me.

Side note: Alex, you idiot. YOU EVER SEE A MAN RUIN HIS OWN LIFE? His poor wife…

  1. “Non-Stop” // A series you marathoned

Harry Potter. I didn’t read this series until a few years ago, and when I got HP fever, I got it bad. I huddled in my bed and read and read and read through the seven books in this series.


  1. “Satisfied” // Favorite book with multiple POVs

Far from the Tree by Robin Benway. I will never (BE SATISFIED) stop falling in love with this book. The three very different perspectives of Grace, Maya, and Joaquin each portray a unique take on the significance of family. And close to the end, when they each explode in their own ways under the weight of their individual stress and anger? Perfection.

  1. “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” // A book/series you feel will be remembered throughout history


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. All of the blogs I saw that did this tag used Harry Potter for this question, but we’re trying to be creative here. The Book Thief is a literary masterpiece, and I don’t doubt that Death’s narration will pull many readers into the wonder that is this book, even in the far future. Plus, the message of humankind’s beauty and brutality will never fail to resonate with readers.

  1. “Helpless” // A relationship you were pulling for from the very start

Isabel and Sasha from Sick Kids in Love. These two had me HELPLESSSS (look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit) from the very first page. Although there were many complications in their relationship, I never doubted that the two of them would make it out (relatively) unscathed and as adorable as ever.

  1. “Ten Duel Commandments” // Favorite fight scene

Torwin and Asha in the pit in The Last Namsara. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread that scene. I LOVE all the dynamics playing out there within the span of a few pages, from the relationship between Asha and Torwin, to the bond between Asha and the dragon, to Asha and her father, to Torwin and Jarek. The things a well-written scene do to me.

  1. “Say No To This” // Guilty pleasure read

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The finale to the Divergent trilogy is hated by readers almost universally, which makes me reluctant to admit how much I enjoyed it. I understand why people might have disliked the way things ended, but I respect the author and this book for the incredibly brave decision that must have led to the infamous ending.

Side note: Jasmine Cephas Jones’s belting there is perfection.

  1. “What Comes Next?” // A series you wish had more books

Jennifer A. Nielsen’s Mark of the Thief trilogy. I’m usually not one for dreaming about spinoffs for my favorite series, but I wouldn’t mind a couple more installments for this trilogy, or even just one. Despite the perfect ending of the last book, I would really enjoy reading more about Nic, Aurelia, Crispus, and Radulf.

  1. “Right Hand Man” // Favorite BROTP

Grey and Rhen in A Curse So Dark and Lonely. Grey is literally Rhen’s right hand man, as the commander of his Royal Guard. The relationship between these two is complicated at best and completely unredeemable at worst at the beginning of ACSDaL, but the way they got to know each other and supported each other as the story went on really just tugged at my heartstrings.

That is, until Rhen had to make such a complete mess of things in A Heart So Fierce and Broken.

  1. “What’d I Miss” // A book/series you were late reading

Just one?

We’d be going headfirst into a (political) abyss if I wanted to list all the books and series I was late in reading. But the Hunger Games trilogy was the first of them all. I read this classic YA series only last year, and it ushered in the era of YA into my life.

  1. “Wait for It” // A book that was worth waiting for

Bridge of Clay. As the follow-up to The Book Thief, Markus Zusak had a tough job on his hands when he wrote Bridge of Clay. But it definitely did not disappoint, at least for me, and the book was as beautiful and amazing and lyrical as anything Zusak could have written.

That’s it for today! I loved doing this tag, and if you’re interested, feel free to snatch the questions for yourself!

Let’s make Disney+ crash on July 3rd,


How about you? Who do you nominate for sassiest villain? Are you as hopeless as I am when it comes to Hamilton?

12 thoughts on “Hamilton Book Tag!

  1. Well, I am a massive musical fan, but not interested in seeing Hamilton.

    There are two main musicals that made me into this musical fanatic.

    1)Wicked- that musical sparked my love for musicals

    2)Les Mis- that is how the current love turned into a passion. It really challenged what I thought I knew about musicals.

    Those two are the most responsible.


    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad to find a fellow musical fan! Wicked, as I mentioned, was the first show I ever fell in love with, as well as my first live musical. And I also really, really love Les Mis as well!


      1. Wicked and Les Mis are basically tied for my favorite musical at the moment.

        Visit my blog if you are a musical theatre fan


          1. Something I love about my musical theatre blog is how it doesn’t just talk about the love I have for them. It also brings in topics outside of musical theatre to show I am not just this musical theatre fanatic

            Liked by 1 person

  2. YAYYYY I FOUND ANOTHER MUSICAL RELATED POST AGAIN. I meant to come for books but welp this is double bonus! And ohh same I really cannot stop attempting to rap “my shot” super fast…

    I really liked your match with “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” with The Book Thief! It is a really endearing story with such an interesting perspective!

    Abby, I really love your blog and YOU’LL (or rather I’LL) BE BACK, SOON YOU’LL SEE… dadadadaddadadtatadttdtdadtadtadtadtadt (that was keyboard spam but you get the hype??!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no I think it did hehe maybe I was getting too excited and hit the wrong button:/ Let me type it again

      YAYYYYY I really love this post… I was expecting books when I came here BUT I WAS SO DELIGHTED WHEN I SAW THIS TAG!!! And I really do have a problem of constantly trying to rap “my shot” super fast…

      I liked your matching of “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” with “The Book Thief”. That was an endearing read with such an interesting perspective.

      After 2 posts, I am already in love with your blog and am looking forward to getting to know you more through your posts. Be assured that YOU’LL (or rather I’LL) BE BACK, SOON YOU’LL SEE!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This tag was an absolute blast! It’s amazing to think that there are other people out there who love books and Hamilton as much as we do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And I was insanely proud of myself when I finally succeeded in rapping the “whataretheoddsthegodswouldputusallinonespot” part — one of my greatest accomplishments ever 🀣

        The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all time! Both the book and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” explore themes of death and legacy and I was mindblown when my brain came up with the comparison.

        Ahhhhh that means so much to me!!!! Your blog is super amazing as well and I’m so excited to read more from you!! Thanks for reading, Cherelle! (YOU’LL REMEMBER YOU BELONG TO ME~~~)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes indeed! After I settle down in my new blog I am definitely snatching the tag hehe!

          Good job on the rapping! Thank you also for checking my blog out 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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