Let’s Talk Bookish: Do You Use an Online Persona for Book Blogging?

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for another Let’s Talk Bookish post! Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts. Today, we’re discussing using online personas for book blogging, a topic suggested by Lydia @ Lydia Schoch.

I personally don’t really blog much about my personal life here at Beyond the Read. I’ve always been wary of leaving behind a digital footprint on the Internet, where anybody can track down my information (or so my sixth grade Information Literacy teacher taught me). I love to share movies or shows I’ve been watching or music I’ve been listening to — things associated with my story-loving persona. But I do tend to avoid sharing personal information, like my full name or age or where I live and whatnot. NOT that I would suspect any of you dear readers of identity theft.

The thing is — if you don’t mind me getting deep for a second — what I love about book blogging is that the Christian bookworm part of my personality is pretty much the only part of my personality that I need to show to the world, just for this tiny corner of the Internet. And it’s honestly incredible how people like and respond to my content solely based on that part of who I am. I love that feeling of being free to express myself in a way of my choice, without the limitations of real-life technicalities.

Besides, my life is pretty mundane, especially in lockdown. I doubt anyone would want to read about me eating cereal or taking a nap. 😂

But anyway, although I prefer not to share personal details on my blog, I love and genuinely enjoy it when other bloggers write about their personal lives and how books fit into all of it. It makes me feel more connected to them as a reader, and increases my appreciation for their work even further.

As for the question of whether book blogs should focus on only books or be allowed to veer into other territory, I really don’t think you should restrain yourself from writing the content you enjoy writing just because of the label of being a “book” blog. After all, it’s your blog and your safe space. Don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid of what other people might think. And if you’re someone in search of less casual, less personal, and completely book-centered book blogs and none of the blogs out there meet your requirements, I suppose there are always blogs by publishing companies that you can turn to?

That’s it for today! How about you? Do you like to blog about your personal life? Do you enjoy it when other bloggers write about their personal lives? Chat with me in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Do You Use an Online Persona for Book Blogging?

  1. Great post! I really wanted to participate in that this week, I might just do it tomorrow anyway. I agree with you that these blogs are our personal spaces. I enjoy reading the little bits that people add to their posts regarding their actual lives. It feels like it helps give the blog personality. Like you get to know the blogger a little more.

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    1. Completely agree with everything you said here! I always feel like I know the bloggers who share details about their actual lives on a more personal level.

      I would love to read your take on this topic if you decide to participate tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 💛

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  2. I mostly share shows/movies/music etc. and stuff I like as well where I keep many other things private. I share my full name but not where I work or where I live. I don’t talk much about work in general. I think everyone has a certain level of themselves that they are comfortable with sharing on the internet and there’s nothing wrong with however much you decide to share. It’s freeing having a place to just talk about books and stories without the real world weight me down.

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    1. You just summed up in five sentences what took me an entire post to get across! 😂 Blogging is pretty self-indulgent for me in that aspect. It’s nice to have something for just myself unrelated to anything else in my life. Thanks for reading and commenting Dani! 💛

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  3. I love when blogs also include personal tidbits! 😊 That way, I feel like I can really connect with the people behind them. That’s why I also try to include a bit of what is going on in my personal life in my posts. Still, there are definitely things I keep private – I agree, you should be mindful of what you put out there, so when in doubt, I’ll usually keep something to myself. I hope enough of my personality still shines through, though 😊

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    1. Adding details about one’s personal life really adds a special touch to a blog post! But true, you can never be too careful with what you post on the Internet. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but personality is something that your content never seems to lack! Thanks for reading, Naemi! 💛😄

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  4. Great discussion, Abby! You make a lot of really good points. Personality wise, I am more or less exactly the same online as I am in ‘real life’, and I would always say to another blogger that the best thing you can do is to be yourself. Over time, I have become more confident in sharing things about myself, but equally there are still a few things I don’t share. 🙂

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    1. That’s some top-tier advice, Stephen! It’s always wonderful seeing the different ways bloggers get to express themselves on their sites. I hope that eventually I will also become more and more confident about sharing personal details on my blog, but for now (and as always), safety first! Thanks for reading, Stephen 😊

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  5. Ooh love this topic! It’s so hard to tread that fine line between imbuing our blog posts with personality versus oversharing. I’ve certainly kept the key details of my life private (no full name, no photo etc) but one of the things I do talk about is the fact that I’m chronically ill because I’m trying to spread awareness of such through discussion of authentic illness representation in books.
    But I think being true to myself as a blogger and sharing my personality isn’t revealing too much. My posts are always filled with my sense of humour, my views on life because even though those things are inherently very me and are instantly recognisable to anyone that knows me in the offline world, they aren’t something that I feel oversteps the mark re all things privacy ☺️☺️☺️

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    1. I‘ve personally become more aware of chronic illness through your blog, and I think what you’re doing at A Little Haze is amazing 💛💛 And I definitely agree with what you said about the difference between sharing too much and sharing your personality. It’s hard to think about how bland all of our content would be without any personality! Thanks for reading and leaving such a heartfelt comment 🥰

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