Disability Pride Recommendations, pt. 2! 25 MG Books with Disability Rep 💙

Hello everyone, and welcome back!! Today, I’m back with part 2 of my Disability Pride feature. I know Disability Pride Month technically ended in July, but my procrastination knows no bounds so you’re getting this post in August 😂 Which works splendidly because uplifting disabled voices shouldn’t just be a month-long event! Disability Pride should be every day 💕

Part 1 (which you can read here) was all about YA books with disability rep, and part 2 is putting the spotlight on middle grade! Middle grade (MG) is the age category typically geared toward readers between ages eight and twelve, but it can also be read and enjoyed by people of all ages. I personally don’t pick up MG books that often, but whenever I do, I’m immediately drawn in by their ability to discuss complex issues in an empathetic way while still maintaining a hopeful atmosphere. All of which makes me suspect that the discussions of disability that take place in MG books will be some of the profoundest out there. So hopefully at least some of the books on this list catch your interest so that you can pick up a new MG book and learn something new at the same time!

I’ll repeat what I said in the previous Disability Pride recs post about the accuracy of the rep in these books: Since I have not read all of these books and since I am not disabled myself, I cannot guarantee that the disability rep will be unproblematic. I’ve tried to exclude any books that have been called out by members of the disabled community, but I may have missed a few, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s any book on here that I should consider removing, or if there was anything I worded wrong/offensively in this post. This entire thing is a learning process for me, so any feedback is appreciated! 💖

Onto the list! Here are 25 MG books featuring disability rep!

The Amazing Edie Eckhart by Rosie Jones & Natalie Smillie

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with cerebral palsy
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Hello! My name is Edie Eckhart and I’m eleven years old. I’m a little bit different. I have a disability called cerebral palsy, so I talk slowly and fall over a lot. It’s never really bothered me because I’ve never known anything else.

Edie Eckhart is Excited with a capital E to start secondary school with her best friend Oscar – the fish to her chips, the bananas to her custard. But when she and Oscar are put into different tutor groups on their first day, Edie is devastated. Who will play secret hangman with her in class? Who will she eat sausage rolls with?

But while she’s plotting her reunion with Oscar, she accidentally gets cast as the lead in the school play. As Edie discovers a passion for performance, she also finds new friendships, talents, and dreams. After all, it’s easy to shine on and off the stage when you’re Amazing with a capital A.

Braced by Alyson Gerber

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with scoliosis who wears a back brace
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Rachel Brooks is excited for the new school year. She’s finally earned a place as a forward on her soccer team. Her best friends make everything fun. And she really likes Tate, and she’s pretty sure he likes her back. After one last appointment with her scoliosis doctor, this will be her best year yet.

Then the doctor delivers some terrible news: The sideways curve in Rachel’s spine has gotten worse, and she needs to wear a back brace twenty-three hours a day. The brace wraps her in hard plastic from shoulder blades to hips. It changes how her clothes fit, how she kicks a ball, and how everyone sees her — even her friends and Tate. But as Rachel confronts all the challenges the brace presents, the biggest change of all may lie in how she sees herself. 

Breathing Underwater by Sarah Allen

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC’s sister has depression

Olivia is on the road trip of her dreams, with her trusty camera and her big sister Ruth by her side. Three years ago, before their family moved from California to Tennessee, Olivia and Ruth buried a time capsule on their favorite beach. Now, they’re taking an RV back across the country to uncover the memories they left behind. But Ruth’s depression has been getting worse, so Olivia has created a plan to help her remember how life used to be: a makeshift scavenger hunt across the country, like pirates hunting for treasure, taking pictures and making memories along the way.

All she wants is to take the picture that makes her sister smile. But what if things can never go back to how they used to be? What if they never find the treasure they’re seeking? Through all the questions, loving her sister, not changing her, is all Olivia can do—and maybe it’s enough.

Can You See Me? by Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: autistic MC
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices (Libby Scott is an autistic 12-year-old girl, and her own experiences with autism inspired this book!)

Things Tally is dreading about sixth grade:

— Being in classes without her best friends
— New (scratchy) uniforms
— Hiding her autism

Tally isn’t ashamed of being autistic — even if it complicates life sometimes, it’s part of who she is. But this is her first year at Kingswood Academy, and her best friend, Layla, is the only one who knows. And while a lot of other people are uncomfortable around Tally, Layla has never been one of them . . . until now.

Something is different about sixth grade, and Tally now feels like she has to act “normal.” But as Tally hides her true self, she starts to wonder what “normal” means after all and whether fitting in is really what matters most.

The Chance to Fly by Ali Stroker & Stacy Davidowitz

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC who uses a wheelchair
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices (Ali Stroker is the first actress who uses a wheelchair to perform on a Broadway stage and to win a Tony Award!)

Thirteen-year-old Nat Beacon loves a lot of things: her dog Warbucks, her best friend Chloe, and competing on her wheelchair racing team, the Zoomers, to name a few. But there’s one thing she’s absolutely OBSESSED with: MUSICALS! From Hamilton to Les Mis, there’s not a cast album she hasn’t memorized and belted along to. She’s never actually been in a musical though, or even seen an actor who uses a wheelchair for mobility on stage. Would someone like Nat ever get cast?

But when Nat’s family moves from California to New Jersey, Nat stumbles upon auditions for a kids’ production of Wicked, one of her favorite musicals ever! And she gets into the ensemble! The other cast members are super cool and inclusive (well, most of them)— especially Malik, the male lead and cutest boy Nat’s ever seen. But when things go awry a week before opening night, will Nat be able to cast her fears and insecurities aside and “Defy Gravity” in every sense of the song title?

The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree by Paola Peretti

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with Stargardt disease (which causes vision loss during childhood)
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices
🌿 translated (from Italian) by Denise Muir

There are a lot of things ten-year-old Mafalda cares a lot about. Like, counting the stars in the night sky, playing soccer, and climbing the cherry tree outside her school. Mafalda even goes so far as to keep a list of all these things, because soon she won’t be able to do them anymore—because she’s going blind.

Even with her bad eyesight Mafalda can see that people are already treating her differently—and that’s the last thing she wants. So, she hides the fact that her vision is deteriorating faster than anyone predicted, and she makes a plan: When the time is right, she’ll go live in the cherry tree, just like her favorite book character.

But as Mafalda loses her sight, surprising things come in to focus. With the help of her family and friends both old and new, Mafalda discovers the things that matter most.

Finding Junie Kim by Ellen Oh

🌹 genre: MG contemporary/historical fiction
🌟 rep: MC with depression, anxiety, & suicidal ideation
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices (I’m not 100% sure if it’s for the Korean-American rep or the disability rep)

Just a heads-up that reviewers seem to be in agreement that this book has content that’s a lot darker than what’s typical in MG! You can find trigger/content warnings at this Storygraph link!

Junie Kim just wants to fit in. So she keeps her head down and tries not to draw attention to herself. But when racist graffiti appears at her middle school, Junie must decide between staying silent or speaking out.

Then Junie’s history teacher assigns a project and Junie decides to interview her grandparents, learning about their unbelievable experiences as kids during the Korean War. Junie comes to admire her grandma’s fierce determination to overcome impossible odds, and her grandpa’s unwavering compassion during wartime. And as racism becomes more pervasive at school, Junie taps into the strength of her ancestors and finds the courage to do what is right.

Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with Tourette syndrome
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices
🌿 written in verse

Astronomy-loving Calliope June has Tourette syndrome, so she sometimes makes faces or noises that she doesn’t mean to make. When she and her mother move yet again, she tries to hide her TS. But it isn’t long before the kids at her new school realize she’s different. Only Calli’s neighbor, who is also the popular student body president, sees her as she truly is—an interesting person and a good friend. But is he brave enough to take their friendship public?

As Calli navigates school, she must also face her mother’s new relationship and the fact that she might be moving, again, just as she starts to make friends and finally accept her differences.

Good Enough by Jen Petro-Roy

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with anorexia
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Before she had an eating disorder, twelve-year-old Riley was many things: an aspiring artist, a runner, a sister, and a friend.

But now, from inside the inpatient treatment center where she’s receiving treatment for anorexia, it’s easy to forget all of that. Especially since under the influence of her eating disorder, Riley alienated her friends, abandoned her art, turned running into something harmful, and destroyed her family’s trust.

If Riley wants her life back, she has to recover.

Part of her wants to get better. As she goes to therapy, makes friends in the hospital, and starts to draw again, things begin to look up.

But when her roommate starts to break the rules, triggering Riley’s old behaviors and blackmailing her into silence, Riley realizes that recovery will be even harder than she thought. She starts to think that even if she does “recover,” there’s no way she’ll stay recovered once she leaves the hospital and is faced with her dieting mom, the school bully, and her gymnastics-star sister.

Handbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell

🌹 genre: MG fantasy
🌟 rep: MC with a clubfoot

Thirteen-year-old Princess Matilda, whose lame foot brings fear of the evil eye, has never given much thought to dragons, attending instead to her endless duties and wishing herself free of a princess’s responsibilities.

When a greedy cousin steals Tilda’s lands, the young princess goes on the run with two would-be dragon slayers. Before long she is facing down the Wild Hunt, befriending magical horses, and battling flame-spouting dragons. On the adventure of a lifetime, and caught between dreams of freedom and the people who need her, Tilda learns more about dragons—and herself—than she ever imagined.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling

🌹 genre: MG contemporary/mystery
🌟 rep: MC born without arms; major side character with Tourette syndrome

Aven Green loves to tell people that she lost her arms in an alligator wrestling match, or a wildfire in Tanzania, but the truth is she was born without them. And when her parents take a job running Stagecoach Pass, a rundown western theme park in Arizona, Aven moves with them across the country knowing that she’ll have to answer the question over and over again.

Her new life takes an unexpected turn when she bonds with Connor, a classmate who also feels isolated because of his own disability, and they discover a room at Stagecoach Pass that holds bigger secrets than Aven ever could have imagined. It’s hard to solve a mystery, help a friend, and face your worst fears. But Aven’s about to discover she can do it all . . . even without arms. 

Living with Viola by Rosena Fung

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with anxiety
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices
🌿 graphic novel
👑 releases: October 12, 2021

Livy is already having trouble fitting in as the new girl at school–and then there’s Viola. Viola is Livy’s anxiety brought to life, a shadowy twin that only Livy can see or hear. Livy tries to push back against Viola’s relentless judgment, but nothing seems to work until she strikes up new friendships at school. Livy hopes that Viola’s days are numbered. But when tensions arise both at home and at school, Viola rears her head stronger than ever. Only when Livy learns how to ask for help and face her anxiety does she finally figure out living with Viola.

The Many Mysteries of the Finkel Family by Sarah Kapit

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: autistic MCs
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

When twelve-year-old Lara Finkel starts her very own detective agency, FIASCCO (Finkel Investigation Agency Solving Consequential Crimes Only), she does not want her sister, Caroline, involved. She and Caroline don’t have to do everything together. But Caroline won’t give up, and when she brings Lara the firm’s first mystery, Lara relents, and the questions start piling up.

But Lara and Caroline’s truce doesn’t last for long. Caroline normally uses her tablet to talk, but now she’s busily texting a new friend. Lara can’t figure out what the two of them are up to, but it can’t be good. And Caroline doesn’t like Lara’s snooping—she’s supposed to be solving other people’s crimes, not spying on Caroline! As FIASCCO and the Finkel family mysteries spin out of control, can Caroline and Lara find a way to be friends again? 

Meena Meets Her Match by Karla Manternach

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with epilepsy

Meena’s life is full of color. She wears vibrant clothes, eats every shade of the rainbow, and plucks eye-catching trash from the neighborhood recycling bins.

But when Meena’s best friend, Sofía, stops playing with her at recess and she experiences an unexpected and scary incident at breakfast, nothing can fight off the gray.

That’s when Meena comes up with a plan to create the BEST and most COLORFUL Valentine’s Day Box in the class. With the help of her cousin, Eli, and her stuffed zebra, Raymond, Meena discovers that the best way to break through the blah is to let her true colors shine.

Not If I Can Help It by Carolyn Mackler

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with sensory processing disorder
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Willa likes certain things to be certain ways. Her socks have to be soft . . . and definitely can’t have irritating tags on the inside. She loves the crunch of popcorn and nachos . . . but is grossed out by the crunch of a baby carrot. And slimy foods? Those are the worst.

Willa can manage all these things — but there are some things she can’t deal with, like her father’s big news. He’s been keeping a big secret from her . . . that he’s been dating the mom of Willa’s best friend Ruby. Willa does NOT like the idea of them being together. And she does NOT like the idea of combining families. And she does NOT like the idea of her best friend becoming her sister overnight. Will she go along with all of these changes? NOT if she can help it!

Roll with It by Jamie Sumner

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair

Ellie’s a girl who tells it like it is. That surprises some people, who see a kid in a wheelchair and think she’s going to be all sunshine and cuddles. The thing is, Ellie has big dreams: She might be eating Stouffer’s for dinner, but one day she’s going to be a professional baker. If she’s not writing fan letters to her favorite celebrity chefs, she’s practicing recipes on her well-meaning, if overworked, mother.

But when Ellie and her mom move so they can help take care of her ailing grandpa, Ellie has to start all over again in a new town at a new school. Except she’s not just the new kid—she’s the new kid in the wheelchair who lives in the trailer park on the wrong side of town. It all feels like one challenge too many, until Ellie starts to make her first-ever friends. Now she just has to convince her mom that this town might just be the best thing that ever happened to them! 

The Sea in Winter by Christine Day

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with depression

It’s been a hard year for Maisie Cannon, ever since she hurt her leg and could not keep up with her ballet training and auditions.

Her blended family is loving and supportive, but Maisie knows that they just can’t understand how hopeless she feels. With everything she’s dealing with, Maisie is not excited for their family midwinter road trip along the coast, near the Makah community where her mother grew up.

But soon, Maisie’s anxieties and dark moods start to hurt as much as the pain in her knee. How can she keep pretending to be strong when on the inside she feels as roiling and cold as the ocean?

The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC’s mother has depression

How do you grow a miracle?
For the record, this is not the question Mr. Neely is looking for when he says everyone in class must answer an important question using the scientific method. But Natalie’s botanist mother is suffering from depression, so this is The Question that’s important to Natalie. When Mr. Neely suggests that she enter an egg drop competition, Natalie has hope.

Eggs are breakable. Hope is not.
Natalie has a secret plan for the prize money. She’s going to fly her mother to see the Cobalt Blue Orchids–flowers that survive against impossible odds. The magical flowers are sure to inspire her mother to love life again. Because when parents are breakable, it’s up to kids to save them, right?

Show Me a Sign by Ann Clare LeZotte

🌹 genre: MG historical fiction
🌟 rep: Deaf MC & side characters
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Mary Lambert has always felt safe and protected on her beloved island of Martha’s Vineyard. Her great-grandfather was an early English settler and the first deaf islander. Now, over a hundred years later, many people there – including Mary – are deaf, and nearly everyone can communicate in sign language. Mary has never felt isolated. She is proud of her lineage.

But recent events have delivered winds of change. Mary’s brother died, leaving her family shattered. Tensions over land disputes are mounting between English settlers and the Wampanoag people. And a cunning young scientist has arrived, hoping to discover the origin of the island’s prevalent deafness. His maniacal drive to find answers soon renders Mary a “live specimen” in a cruel experiment. Her struggle to save herself is at the core of this novel.

Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: Deaf MC & side characters

From fixing the class computer to repairing old radios, twelve-year-old Iris is a tech genius. But she’s the only deaf person in her school, so people often treat her like she’s not very smart. If you’ve ever felt like no one was listening to you, then you know how hard that can be.

When she learns about Blue 55, a real whale who is unable to speak to other whales, Iris understands how he must feel. Then she has an idea: she should invent a way to “sing” to him! But he’s three thousand miles away. How will she play her song for him?

A Thousand Minutes to Sunlight by Jen White

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with anxiety

Cora is constantly counting the minutes. It’s the only thing that stops her brain from rattling with worry, from convincing her that danger is up ahead. Afraid of the unknown, Cora spends her days with her feet tucked into sand, marveling at La Quinta beach’s giant waves and her little sister Sunshine’s boundless energy.

And then danger really does show up at Cora’s doorstep–her absentee uncle, whose sudden presence in the middle of the night makes her parents nervous and secretive. As dawn breaks once more, Cora must piece together her family and herself, one minute at a time.

The Truth According to Blue by Eve Yohalem

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with type 1 diabetes

Thirteen-year-old Blue Broen is on the hunt for a legendary ship of gold, lost centuries ago when her ancestors sailed to New York. Blue knows her overprotective parents won’t approve of her mission to find their family’s long-lost fortune, so she keeps it a secret from everyone except her constant companion, Otis, an 80-pound diabetic alert dog. But it’s hard to keep things quiet with rival treasure hunters on the loose, and with Blue’s reputation as the local poster child for a type 1 diabetes fundraiser.

Blue’s quest gets even harder when she’s forced to befriend Jules, the brainy but bratty daughter of a vacationing movie star who arrives on the scene and won’t leave Blue alone. While Blue initially resents getting stuck with this spoiled seventh grade stranger, Jules soon proves Blue’s not the only one who knows about secrets — and adventure.

Will Blue unravel a three hundred year-old family mystery, learn to stand up for herself, and find the missing treasure? Or is she destined to be nothing more than “diabetes girl” forever?

The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

🌹 genre: MG historical fiction
🌟 rep: MC with a clubfoot

Ten-year-old Ada has never left her one-room apartment. Her mother is too humiliated by Ada’s twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jamie is shipped out of London to escape the war, Ada doesn’t waste a minute—she sneaks out to join him.

So begins a new adventure of Ada, and for Susan Smith, the woman who is forced to take the two kids in. As Ada teaches herself to ride a pony, learns to read, and watches for German spies, she begins to trust Susan—and Susan begins to love Ada and Jamie. But in the end, will their bond be enough to hold them together through wartime? Or will Ada and her brother fall back into the cruel hands of their mother?

What Stars Are Made of by Sarah Allen

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC with Turner syndrome
🔖 confirmed #ownvoices

Twelve-year-old Libby Monroe is great at science, being optimistic, and talking to her famous, accomplished friends (okay, maybe that last one is only in her head). She’s not great at playing piano, sitting still, or figuring out how to say the right thing at the right time in real life. Libby was born with Turner Syndrome, and that makes some things hard. But she has lots of people who love her, and that makes her pretty lucky.

When her big sister Nonny tells her she’s pregnant, Libby is thrilled—but worried. Nonny and her husband are in a financial black hole, and Libby knows that babies aren’t always born healthy. So she strikes a deal with the universe: She’ll enter a contest with a project about Cecelia Payne, the first person to discover what stars are made of. If she wins the grand prize and gives all that money to Nonny’s family, then the baby will be perfect. Does she have what it takes to care for the sister that has always cared for her? And what will it take for the universe to notice? 

Where the Watermelons Grow by Cindy Baldwin

🌹 genre: MG contemporary
🌟 rep: MC’s mother has schizophrenia

When twelve-year-old Della Kelly finds her mother furiously digging black seeds from a watermelon in the middle of the night and talking to people who aren’t there, Della worries that it’s happening again—that the sickness that put her mama in the hospital four years ago is back. That her mama is going to be hospitalized for months like she was last time.

With her daddy struggling to save the farm and her mama in denial about what’s happening, it’s up to Della to heal her mama for good. And she knows just how she’ll do it: with a jar of the Bee Lady’s magic honey, which has mended the wounds and woes of Maryville, North Carolina, for generations.

But when the Bee Lady says that the solution might have less to do with fixing Mama’s brain and more to do with healing her own heart, Della must learn that love means accepting her mama just as she is.

And that’s it for today’s post! I’d love to hear from you in the comments section! Let me know if you added any of these to your TBR—the ones I’m personally eyeing the hardest are The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree, The Many Mysteries of the Finkel Family, Finding Junie Kim, and Song for a Whale 😍 And if you have any other recommendations that I should check out (with disability rep or just MG in general), please drop them down below!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful day/night! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Disability Pride Recommendations, pt. 2! 25 MG Books with Disability Rep 💙

  1. I absolutely love The War That Saved My Life! Have you ever read Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper? It’s a middle-grade about a girl with cerebral palsy, and her struggles with everyone treating her as unintelligent because she is nonverbal and has never been able to express herself to anyone. It’s a really good book and has a great message

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess The War That Saved My Life was amazing 😍 Ooh I’ll have to look into Out of My Mind! I’ve seen it floating around the blogosphere but I didn’t know it had disability rep! Thanks so much for the rec ❤️


    1. Taylor!! It’s so great to see you in my comments again 🤗 And yes, Breathing Underwater sounds incredible! I’m so happy to hear that you added it to your TBR—I hope you enjoy whenever you get around to reading it!

      Thank you so much, Taylor! Glad to hear you enjoyed ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha I’ve yet to read the Percy Jackson books but from what I’ve heard about him, I can definitely see where you’re coming from!

      And you’re the second person to recommend Out of My Mind—I’m definitely going to have to look into it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t heard of any of these, so thanks again for pointing them out to us, Abby! I think my favorite middle grade book featuring disability that I’ve read so far has got to be R.J. Palacio’s Wonder, which is about a boy with a facial deformity going to public school for the first time. It’s pretty well known since it also got a movie adaptation (I still need to see that!), but I just love the family relationships and different perspectives it encompasses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure Naemi!! ❤️ Ooh yes Wonder was amazing, I don’t know why I didn’t think to include it on this list! 😂 I completely agree, I loved how the story was told from different POVs and spotlighted all the different people in Auggie’s life. Have you read the companion book Auggie & Me? It gives three new perspectives to the story and I loved it when I read it a few years ago 😍 I watched the movie a while back and I remember it being pretty good? Not as good as the book, obviously, but I think it was a pretty faithful adaptation! I’d love to know what you think when you get around to watching it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, I’m so happy to hear you love Auggie, too 🥰 And yes, I’ve read Auggie & Me! I was super thrilled when I saw my local bookshop actually had a copy, but since I was a little broke at the time and didn’t want to spend extra money, I just read the entire thing at the store while the owner was giving me the evil eye… 😅😂
        And it’s good to know you liked the movie! I definitely plan on watching it eventually 😊


  3. abby! thank you so much for this wonderful post! i’m also really eyeing finding junie kim! i’ve read the war that saved my life, and i did enjoy it – but that was a while ago, so i’m interested in re-reading it and seeing what i think now! love this post, thanks for the list, and recommendations 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure Ahaana!! ❤️ Yes Finding Junie Kim sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s been a long time since I’ve read The War That Saved My Life as well—I agree, a reread is probably in order! Here’s to hoping we both love it just as much the second time around!!

      Thank you so much Ahaana!! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

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