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As I don’t have any bookish social media accounts, this is where you’ll be able to see my current reads and my thoughts on them. If you have any thoughts on what I’m reading, I’d love to chat with you in the comments below! ❤️

Last updated: November 11, 2022

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Thoughts: Can’t wait to see if this lives up to the hype!

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

Thoughts: I’m not ready for the emotional damage Jamie and Charlotte are going to wreak upon my heart.


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. Just curious, but do you ever read any Christian YA or Christian fiction? I used to read tons of general market YA, but I’ve found that stories from a biblical worldview have been much kinder on the soul and have helped draw me closer to God instead of pushing me away from Him. Just curious on what your thoughts are on all this. ❤

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    1. thank you so much for this comment lily—this is actually a discussion i’ve been having with myself on a daily basis for years now! 😆 i used to avoid secular romance and fantasy books entirely, which definitely contributed to my obsession with classic literature in my early teens. for the past few years, i’ve been giving myself a bit more leeway and that’s how i got here with so many ya books i love, haha. i know every person of faith has different levels of worldly exposure that they’re comfortable with, and for me personally, a bit of self-indulgence in the form of ya books fit within that spectrum, as long as it’s balanced with lots of quiet time with God.

      obviously the system isn’t fool-proof, especially when school starts and it gets harder and harder for me to make that time. so i’m definitely more than open to trying Christian fiction to fill that gap 😊 i have felt a bit reluctant in the past because i feel like i never see people like me in the premises of Christian fiction books, both in terms of identity and experiences with faith, but that’s probably because i haven’t been looking in the right places 😅 so if you have any recommendations, please let me know 💖 (sorry about the essay, i spend a LOT of time thinking about this hehe)

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      1. Aw, don’t apologize! 💖 I love hearing different perspectives, and you also clearly have a lot of thoughts on this. Do you still read classics? I’d love some recommendations if you have any!

        I used to shun romance and even historical fiction a little because I found them to be rather boring. I’ve been reading more of those two genres once I’ve discovered the Christian aspect of them, though, and I now consider both clean romance and historical fiction to be favorite genres of mine (they will never surpass fantasy, though 😆).

        I still read secular / general market fiction (I just make sure to check through GR friends’ reviews first), but I’ve found that I have to be more wary because there’s no promise of hope and light (you know those books that just wreck you and make you feel super depressed?) and no promise of upholding biblical values.

        I know everyone’s convicted differently, but for example, I barely noticed the swearing in A Sun is Also a Star before I was born again (I called myself a Christian then, but unfortunately, I never actually even read the Bible). The intimate scene was a little uncomfortable, but all of that became much more convicting when I drew closer to God.

        Could you explain more about the identity and experiences with faith part of your note? I’m not super experienced compared to some other people when it comes to Christian fiction (by Christian fiction, I just mean books that are by Christian authors and aren’t unbiblical), but I bet I can come up with some recs for you!

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        1. definitely not as much as i did in the past, but i have so many classics that are dear to my heart!! the entire anne of green gables series, les misérables, pride & prejudice, little women, black beauty, the hunchback of notre dame, around the world in 80 days, and a Christmas carol are the ones that come to mind 🥰

          you just listed all three of my favorite genres 🙈 it’s been ages since i read a real historical fiction book but the genre will always be one of my faves! and romance and fantasy have always been on the top of my list 😆

          oh i relate immensely. i love my own fair share of depressing books, but i try to avoid those that completely ignore the existence of hope. and a sun is also a star is an excellent example. i really enjoyed that book’s overall message, but the content wasn’t always something i felt comfortable about, which i do think is a problem considering the book was marketed for a younger audience. i do my best to seek out books that are as close to clean as possible, but there are definitely hiccups. it’s a daily mission to not grow complacent about that kind of content.

          ooh thank you so much! in terms of identity, i meant asian-american and highly stress-prone 😆 and for my experiences with faith, growing up Christian in a hugely liberal city where every profession of faith is seen as a political statement. that’s weirdly specific but it’s something i badly want to see discussed in this day and age. no pressure for your recommendations to fit the bill perfectly—any recs are greatly appreciated ❤️


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