Taylor Swift Songs I Associate with My Favorite Book Couples (ft. weirdly specific lyrical parallels) 💌

hello everyone and welcome back! look at me, posting something that’s not a wrap-up for once 😌 today, i’m back with a super random post that i thought of on the go. as you probably all know by this point, i recently discovered taylor swift’s music and have fallen head over heels for all of it (except her debut album, which i haven’t listened to yet). she explores so many different experiences with love and expresses them so beautifully through her lyrics and melodies 🥺 and so naturally, it was only a matter of time before my love for books and music collided—and here we are with a post all about the taylor swift songs i associate with my favorite fictional romances!

full disclaimer: this is kind of a chaotic post featuring emotional book-to-song parallels and pinterest moodboards, so both swifties and non-swifties should buckle up lol—it’s honestly been a while since i got so carried away while writing a post 😅

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The Month in Books: October 2022 🍂

hello everyone and welcome back!! hope you’ve all been well 😊 we’re just going to ignore the fact that my last post was my september wrap-up and jump right into the october one—in my defense, did anyone else feel like october was an uncommonly short month this year? 😅 here on the east coast, fall is in full swing, most of the foliage has actually already been crunched on, and the sunsets are getting progressively earlier and earlier. i can’t believe we just have one more month left of this season? and just two more months of 2022?!?! what is happening.

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The Month in Books: September 2022 🍁

hello everyone and welcome back! i hope you’ve all been well 🫶 i kind of disappeared there for a second, but hopefully nobody is too surprised because we all know i am incapable of separating my school and personal lives 😭 anyway, i know we’re over halfway through october, but i thought i’d just go ahead and write my long-overdue september wrap-up! the passage of time is unreal at this point, so might as well 😅 without further ado, here’s what i did in september!!

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 15 Books by Latine Authors 💛

hello everyone and welcome back! i hope you’ve all been doing well 🤗 i’m just over a week into my fall semester and i think i’m slowly getting into the hang of things—and by that, i mean i’m slowly resigning myself to the mental and physical stress of returning to school life 🥲

but anyway! today, i’m back with a very special post in honor of hispanic heritage month! we celebrate hispanic heritage month every year in the united states from september 15 to october 15 to uplift the “histories, cultures and contributions of american citizens whose ancestors came from spain, mexico, the caribbean and central and south america.” the monthlong period encompasses the independence days for many latin american countries (including costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, mexico, and chile). you can read more about national hispanic heritage month at the official website!

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Disability Pride Recommendations, pt. 2! 25 MG Books with Disability Rep 💙

Hello everyone, and welcome back!! Today, I’m back with part 2 of my Disability Pride feature. I know Disability Pride Month technically ended in July, but my procrastination knows no bounds so you’re getting this post in August 😂 Which works splendidly because uplifting disabled voices shouldn’t just be a month-long event! Disability Pride should be every day 💕

Part 1 (which you can read here) was all about YA books with disability rep, and part 2 is putting the spotlight on middle grade! Middle grade (MG) is the age category typically geared toward readers between ages eight and twelve, but it can also be read and enjoyed by people of all ages. I personally don’t pick up MG books that often, but whenever I do, I’m immediately drawn in by their ability to discuss complex issues in an empathetic way while still maintaining a hopeful atmosphere. All of which makes me suspect that the discussions of disability that take place in MG books will be some of the profoundest out there. So hopefully at least some of the books on this list catch your interest so that you can pick up a new MG book and learn something new at the same time!

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Resources to #StopAsianHate + 2021 YA Releases by AAPI Authors!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I’m not sure how to start this post, so I’ll just get right into it: I’m back today to discuss some recent events that occurred here in the United States. On March 16, eight people were killed in Atlanta, Georgia across several spas and massage parlors. On March 22, ten people were killed in Boulder, Colorado in an unrelated incident at a supermarket. The taking of innocent lives is always terrible and tragic, but two mass shootings in such quick succession is especially horrific. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims. 

In addition, the fact that most of the victims in Atlanta were Asian-American women is heartbreaking and inexcusable. While the suspect has been claiming that the shooting was not racially motivated, the fact that he thought of Asian massage parlors as a sexual “temptation” to “eliminate” says a lot. Whether or not these women were actually sex workers, there is little doubt that this killing is a direct result of the sexualization and fetishization of Asian women — an intersection of racism and sexism.

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