The Me & Music Tag (i go wild with music recs) 🎶

hello everyone and welcome back!! today, i’m back with a tag that nobody tagged me for, despite having literally dozens of other tags that i should be doing 😌 welcome to my version of the me & music tag, created by the lovely sophie (blog linked below)! what can i say, i just can’t resist a chance to ramble on about music and recommend my favorite songs to everyone i meet. my music taste is quite eclectic and ranges from musical theater to christian to k-pop to regular pop—but i’m always taking more recommendations, so be sure to drop all your faves in the comments below! ❤️

i’ve made sure to include a link to a (preferably live) rendition for all the songs i discuss, as well as a lyric video if needed. and i also have a spotify playlist with all the songs that you can listen to if you’d like! keep in mind that some of these songs contain language/themes that i wouldn’t recommend to everyone. hope you enjoy~

onto the post!! 🤗

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The Month in Books: July 2022 ☀️

hello everyone and welcome back! today, i’m back with a wrap on july! july felt simultaneously like it was interminable and like it passed by in a flash. seriously, how on earth are we done with the last fully summertime month of the year??

anywho, i’m embarrassed to note that this is my first monthly wrap-up after july 2021—exactly one year ago 🙈 so apologies in advance if i ramble on more than usual haha. also, fair warning that “the month in books” is no longer an accurate title for these posts, since i’m usually screaming about things other than books here 😅 but let’s go ahead and get started!!

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I’m Finally Back?? (what i’ve been up to during my unexplained absence)

hello everyone! i’ll refrain from saying welcome back because i’m the one who ghosted you guys 😭 another post, another four-month-long break, amirite? i find that april-june is the most chaotic school season for me and i do not exaggerate when i say that my brain has been FRIED these past few months. between ap exams, final projects, final exams, and one of the most traumatizing group project experiences of my life, i was just about to combust. thank goodness school is over.

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