Taylor Swift Songs I Associate with My Favorite Book Couples (ft. weirdly specific lyrical parallels) 💌

hello everyone and welcome back! look at me, posting something that’s not a wrap-up for once 😌 today, i’m back with a super random post that i thought of on the go. as you probably all know by this point, i recently discovered taylor swift’s music and have fallen head over heels for all of it (except her debut album, which i haven’t listened to yet). she explores so many different experiences with love and expresses them so beautifully through her lyrics and melodies 🥺 and so naturally, it was only a matter of time before my love for books and music collided—and here we are with a post all about the taylor swift songs i associate with my favorite fictional romances!

full disclaimer: this is kind of a chaotic post featuring emotional book-to-song parallels and pinterest moodboards, so both swifties and non-swifties should buckle up lol—it’s honestly been a while since i got so carried away while writing a post 😅

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The Month in Books: October 2022 🍂

hello everyone and welcome back!! hope you’ve all been well 😊 we’re just going to ignore the fact that my last post was my september wrap-up and jump right into the october one—in my defense, did anyone else feel like october was an uncommonly short month this year? 😅 here on the east coast, fall is in full swing, most of the foliage has actually already been crunched on, and the sunsets are getting progressively earlier and earlier. i can’t believe we just have one more month left of this season? and just two more months of 2022?!?! what is happening.

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The Month in Books: September 2022 🍁

hello everyone and welcome back! i hope you’ve all been well 🫶 i kind of disappeared there for a second, but hopefully nobody is too surprised because we all know i am incapable of separating my school and personal lives 😭 anyway, i know we’re over halfway through october, but i thought i’d just go ahead and write my long-overdue september wrap-up! the passage of time is unreal at this point, so might as well 😅 without further ado, here’s what i did in september!!

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 15 Books by Latine Authors 💛

hello everyone and welcome back! i hope you’ve all been doing well 🤗 i’m just over a week into my fall semester and i think i’m slowly getting into the hang of things—and by that, i mean i’m slowly resigning myself to the mental and physical stress of returning to school life 🥲

but anyway! today, i’m back with a very special post in honor of hispanic heritage month! we celebrate hispanic heritage month every year in the united states from september 15 to october 15 to uplift the “histories, cultures and contributions of american citizens whose ancestors came from spain, mexico, the caribbean and central and south america.” the monthlong period encompasses the independence days for many latin american countries (including costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, mexico, and chile). you can read more about national hispanic heritage month at the official website!

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The Month in Books: August 2022 🌹

hello everyone and welcome back! the month of salt air and the rust on your door has officially come to a close 🌅 and we’ve somehow already started the last quarter of the year? what is going on. as usually accompanies my complaints about time being a social construct, it’s time for another monthly wrap-up! let’s get right into it!

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The Month in Books: July 2022 ☀️

hello everyone and welcome back! today, i’m back with a wrap on july! july felt simultaneously like it was interminable and like it passed by in a flash. seriously, how on earth are we done with the last fully summertime month of the year??

anywho, i’m embarrassed to note that this is my first monthly wrap-up after july 2021—exactly one year ago 🙈 so apologies in advance if i ramble on more than usual haha. also, fair warning that “the month in books” is no longer an accurate title for these posts, since i’m usually screaming about things other than books here 😅 but let’s go ahead and get started!!

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I Want More Platonic Relationships in YA (a discussion, ft. book recs!!)

hello everyone and welcome back! how are you all doing? low-key proud of myself that i’ve managed to post consistently on a schedule for three posts in a row. i have returned, this time with my first discussion post in literal years. discussions are incredibly hard for me to write for whatever reason—i just can’t seem to think of any original ideas?? but then i came back from my hiatus, threw my concerns about originality into the trash, and decided to write a post about a topic that’s already been discussed at length in the bookish community 😌 my love for platonic relationships in fiction is something i’ve really wanted to talk about here and this is my chance!!

obviously, bear in mind that all of my points are based on my personal experiences and you are more than welcome to disagree respectfully! can’t wait to hear your thoughts 💖

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The Medieval Queens Book Tag 👑

hello everyone!! i bet you weren’t expecting me to post again so soon 😆 i’ve decided that i’m going to try to post every two weeks. emphasis on the “try,” but hopefully this is a feasible plan??

today i’m back with one of the many, many tags that i have pending—the medieval queens book tag! i have a deep love for obscure european history and obviously women’s history, so thank you so much to the lovely naemi @ a book owl’s corner and m.t. @ the last book on the left for tagging me for this! and shoutout to jess @ jessticulates for coming up with this amazing idea.

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I’m Finally Back?? (what i’ve been up to during my unexplained absence)

hello everyone! i’ll refrain from saying welcome back because i’m the one who ghosted you guys 😭 another post, another four-month-long break, amirite? i find that april-june is the most chaotic school season for me and i do not exaggerate when i say that my brain has been FRIED these past few months. between ap exams, final projects, final exams, and one of the most traumatizing group project experiences of my life, i was just about to combust. thank goodness school is over.

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Review: The Outlands by Tyler Edwards

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! We’re not going to talk about how I said I was going to start posting semi-consistently… in December 💀 We’re definitely not going to talk about how this is my first review in almost a year, and we’re also not going to talk about how long it took me to write this one in particular 👍

Today, I’m back with a review for a book that I’ve been meaning to read for literal months! This was my first dystopian book since October 2020, and The Outlands definitely did not disappoint. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about it with you all!

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