Let’s Talk Bookish: How to Encourage Others to Read

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! It’s time for another Let’s Talk Bookish post! Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme that is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts. Today, we’re discussing how to encourage others to read, a topic suggested by Rian @ Dogs and Books.

Before we get into the post, I’d like to take a moment to honor and remember the nearly 3,000 people who died as a result of the 9/11 attacks 19 years ago today. The scale of devastation was unimaginable, and fear and hatred were given free rein in the aftermath. But fear and hatred are not the solution. It is only through love and compassion that we can prevent anything like this from happening again, and help others whose lives have been torn apart by similar tragedies. I pray that we may be able to realize that and live out that truth in our lives.

And now, onto the post.

I love today’s topic! I love encouraging others to read. That’s honestly something like a prerequisite of being a bookworm, isn’t it? It’s natural to want to share something that makes you happy with the people around you, and the same goes for reading. In my friend group, I’m the one that everyone comes to for recommendations. It always makes me so happy when my friends and random people on the Internet pick up a book because of me and end up loving it.

To be honest, when I first saw the prompt questions for today’s topic, one of which was “What strategies do you use [to get people to read]?,” the first thing that came to mind was: … what strategies? 😂 I don’t have a particular way of getting others to read. All I really do is talk nonstop about the book I’m currently obsessed with — that always works, though. When you keep talking about something long enough, they’ll eventually check the book out just to get you to shut your mouth. 100% guaranteed.

I also make recommendations lists when they’re requested. I ask the person what they want to read about, what genres they’re attracted to, etc., and do tons of research. I put a lot of effort (maybe too much) into my recommendations lists, but it’s always so worth it when I see my friends falling in love with the books I mentioned. It also doesn’t hurt when you gift the books you recommended for their birthdays. 😉

I’ve never met anyone who full-out “hates” reading, I keep better company. (JUST KIDDING, WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN TASTES.) It’s terrible to see when people think books are just for “nerds” or “quirky people.” I’m a firm believer in the sentiment that people who hate reading just haven’t found the right book for them yet, whatever it may be. If I ever meet someone who hates reading, I would make it my lifelong mission to find them their book. I would poke and pry and needle until they either: (a) move to Australia so that they never have to talk to me again, or (b) stop being so stubborn and pick up a book, any book.

Of course, if you don’t want to read, no one should ever force you to. But if you’re open to picking up a book, I’m always here to help! Encouraging the people around me to read is always so fun and exciting, and there’s nothing like the feeling when someone texts me at a random hour of the day, screaming about a plot twist that I had before been forced to suffer through alone. It fills my heart to bursting, every single time. 

That’s it for today! How about you? How do you go about encouraging others to read? What are some books that you’ve succeeded in pushing upon other people? Chat with me in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: How to Encourage Others to Read

  1. Happy Friday, Abby!

    Great post as always. I loved reading your thoughts on this and it made me smile to see how much effort you put into recommendations!

    I would say that I try more to inspire other people to read than encourage. It has never worked with my brother though haha! There are not many people in my life outside of blogging/social media who love reading as much as I do, but others have come to me for recommendations before. It is an amazing feeling when someone has decided to read a book based on my thoughts or my review.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂 🙂

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    1. Ahh I’m glad you enjoyed, Stephen! 😊 Inspiring people to read is probably the calmer way of getting people to pick up a book, and I’m sure it’s much more effective in the long term 😅

      Recommending books never gets old! You never know whether a book will become someone else’s favorite 😌

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well! Thank you for reading and commenting 💛

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  2. I definitely talk non-stop about the books I’m obsessed with…and sometimes that works! It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to share your love of something with someone you care about. I also adore being asked for recommendations and always pour everything into trying to find the right books to help people fall in love with them.

    It definitely shouldn’t be forced though – that just makes people see it as a chore and in turn they’re more reluctant to read!

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    1. One of the best things about being asked for recommendations is that you get to enjoy yourself while helping someone else at the same time! It’s definitely one of my favorite things about being a bookworm 😄

      And I completely agree! Forcing books on other people makes reading feel like an obligation for them, which is the opposite of what reading should be.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Dani 💛😊

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  3. Haha, I am definitely guilty of this 😂 I will babble at people so much that they will read whatever I’m forcing on them rather than have to deal with me… But my proudest book pusher moment was probably when I got my youngest brother to read the entire Percy Jackson series during the first month of quarantine. He has always loved being read to, but he rarely picks up a book of his own accord. Still, I had told him for years that he would love Percy Jackson and that reading it would help him remember all the mythology for Latin classes. And he never listened 🙁 Buuuut – while being quarantined, he couldn’t avoid me, and I annoyed him constantly until he agreed to read the first chapter. Let’s just say he spent the rest of the week on our couch binging the entire series 😊😊

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    1. Oh my gosh, that must have been one of the proudest moments of your life 😂👏 There’s nothing like that feeling when someone who doesn’t usually read picks up a book you recommended and ends up falling head over heels in love 😆 Your comment just reminded me that I really do need to get to the Percy Jackson series. It’s such a staple in the bookish community and I feel like I’m missing out tremendously! Thanks for reading and commenting, Naemi ❤️😄

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      1. I have read a few books before, but not someone dedicated as to do it every day, even though I wanted to.

        Right now, I’m trying to read again it’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes XD

        I have a book of that here from our school’s library which I failed to return (I’m sorry!) But yeah, it is missing, so I got into online. I’ve watched the series though 🙂

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        1. Ahh sorry I disappeared on you! Had to go take a shower 😂😂

          Sherlock Holmes is a great place to start! I read it a few years ago and I remember being in awe of Holmes’s genius.

          Failed to return… *judgmental pause* JUST KIDDING — I may or may not have accidentally failed to return a couple of library books before as well 😅

          Classics are the best in that they’re all available for free online! I hope you’re enjoying thus far! 😊

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          1. Yes, I am enjoying :p I had a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock tbh XD and I’ve imagined to be him sometimes.
            Well! I promised to return it! It’s just that, I already transferred and I always say “tomorrow” for the things to be done like that. I will return it, once the pandemic went down more, and once I have found it already >.< If would not able to find it anymore, I am really sorry to my former school!!!

            I hope you are enjoying your current ones too! You recommended me books before! I will try to look for them someday hehe

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            1. I haven’t watched the series, but I’ve heard great things about it! I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in another movie and he was incredible, so no doubt he was amazing in Sherlock as well!

              Ah, I relate to putting things off for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow 😅I hope you find the book soon so that you can return it!

              Ahh thank you Keshi! I hope you enjoy them when you decide to pick them up 😊

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  4. I encourage my friends to read by fangirling over a book so hard and practically forcing them to love it with me. It’s become such a regular thing that I have like a mini book club with my roommates. It’s nothing official, but it basically consists of one of us reading a book then making the others read it because we loved it so much. haha

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  5. I love this post, Abby!! I love to read so I always get super enthusiastic about books in front of people 😂🙈 sometimes that scares them away, sometimes it works (jk it basically never works for me) but what to do, I just love books 😂 But I loved your answers and I completely agree that if someone has NEVER loved a book, they just haven’t found the right book for them. It’s super sad that a good number of kids my age actually don’t like reading and find it boring – it makes me sad on their behalf because they’re missing out on so much amazingness! But obviously I’m not going to force them to do anything 🙂
    Love the post Abby!! It’s so eloquent but also so friendly ❤

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    1. Ahh I’m glad you enjoyed, Adi! Oh no, incessantly talking about books doesn’t work? Unfortunate, but keep trying, and eventually your love of books will be passed on! 👍😂

      I agree — there’s definitely a book out there for everyone! People who find reading boring really have no idea….. 🙃

      Ahhh thank you Adi! That means so much to me because eloquent and me do not usually belong in the same sentence 😂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting! ❤️❤️

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  6. Great post, Abby! Talking non-stop about books seems to be the most effcient way to convince people around me to read them, even if it’s only to make me shut up. I, too, like making recommendation lists, but mostly for my family because I know them really well and it’s easier to find books to suit their interests. My favourite way to encourage people to read, though, is by going to bookstores with them and just point at books giving one-line reviews. I’m always like “Oh, I’ve read that one. So good! Stay away from this one, though”. Is it annoying? Maybe. Does it work? Sometimes.

    The important thing for me, however, isn’t to make people read my favourite books, but to make them want to read, even if it’s only one book they pick up. You never know how one’s life might change through reading. Also, as a teacher, I try to encourage my students to read by incorporating literary passages into our activities and games and reading to them as well as giving them time to read during the lessons. It’s vital to try to encourage and “build” future readers and let literature continue to live through them.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed, Nefeli!! I relate about the one-liners in bookstores! My friends are always shocked about how many books on the shelves I’ve read and it’s probably pretty annoying, but hey, it (sometimes) works! 👍

      That’s amazing what you do with your students! I love how you inspire them to read rather than force them to. It’s so important to instill young readers with the view of reading being something to look forward to instead of merely a boring chore.

      Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment, Nefeli! ❤️❤️

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